Apple’s New Intelligent Prevention Tracking (ITP) on iOS Threatens Burner Wallets Existence


  • Apple’s recent upgrade on the Safari WebKit might soon phase out the convenience of burner wallets within the cryptocurrency space for its users.
  • These changes come as the phone maker moves to protect users’ data amid the rising privacy concerns in today’s existing connected ecosystems.
  • Burner wallets have since been identified as possible collateral damages given the new Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP) by iOS.

This digital currency storage platforms currently run as nun-custodial accounts; basically, they leverage local browsers to store the private keys of crypto owners. The operation of burner wallets in iOS is now set to change as per a recent blog by David Mihal. According to the publication, Apple will reduce its client-side cookies expiry period to 7 days in a bid to curb 3rd party tracking.

“The seven-day cap on script-writable storage is gated on ‘after seven days of Safari use without user interaction on the site.”

Source: David Mihal

Based on this development, burner wallets will primarily serve as short-term storage within the iOS browser. Ideally, crypto holders leveraging the Safari platform for burner wallets will be safer backing up their private keys.

They can, however, avoid this hustle if they regularly use the burner wallets more often as the expiry periods will unlikely be met. Furthermore, they could add the burner wallet web applications to their home screens which have more counter days of use compared to pages on the Safari browser.

“Web applications added to the home screen are not part of Safari and thus have their own counter of days of use”

Unfortunately, this approach may not be as easy as it sounds since users must add the websites to home screens from their end. The blog notes that future burner wallets may have to prompt users to integrate the application on a home screen in order to guarantee funds security.

Published at Fri, 03 Apr 2020 20:25:40 +0000 Apple’s New Intelligent Prevention Tracking (ITP) on iOS Threatens Burner Wallets Existence

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