Facebook to Hire 50 Staff in Ireland for Calibra


Social media giant Facebook is looking to hire up to 50 employees across its offices in Ireland.

Reported by The Irish Times on Monday, the hiring efforts by the company is to add manpower for its ambitious digital currency project – Libra.

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The new workforce will be distributed among various divisions of Facebook.

“During this time of global uncertainty, we’re continuing to invest in our team located in Dublin,” Laura Morgan Walsh, head of operations at the social media company, told the publication. “We’re actively hiring experts in fraud, compliance, workforce management, and customer care to expand our operations team supporting the Calibra wallet.”

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This came only days after the Libra Association’s revelation of its second whitepaper for its digital currency, changing the basic structure of Libra.

Will Libra see the light now?

Earlier, Facebook along with its Libra partners decided to peg the digital currency against a basket of fiats and other commodities. However, now the Swiss non-profit is proposing to create multiple stablecoins individually pegged to various fiats. These stablecoins will then support LBR.

Irish operations have become very crucial for Facebook. The report also pointed out that the social media company is already maintaining a small team for its subsidiary Calibra, responsible for the development of Libra wallets.

“Ireland is critically important to Facebook and plays a central role in our global operations. We have around 60 teams including engineers, safety and security experts, policy experts, marketing and sales people with a number of global and regional teams run from Ireland,” Gareth Lambe, head of Facebook Ireland, added.

Though regulators are not yet vocal about the updated Libra, mainly due to the ongoing impact of COVID-19 on the financial systems, some US lawmakers strongly criticized the project for failing to address their previous concerns.

Published at Mon, 20 Apr 2020 15:38:32 +0000 Facebook to Hire 50 Staff in Ireland for Calibra

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