John McAfee Launches PoS Privacy Coin, But Community Says It’s Not the Original ‘GHOST’


John McAfee, the founder of software company McAfee Associates and a tax fugitive has launched his own cryptocurrency coin called “GHOST.” McAfee took to Twitter to announce,

“It’s a proof of stake privacy coin to make you a “ghost” when transacting online! Atomic swaps on McAfeeDex will let you trade against BTC/BCH/ETH & more! With a DEX/privacy coin combo we now have full control of our finances!”

This proof of stake privacy coin’s whitepaper and further information will be released on May 15th.

As per the official website, this zero-knowledge proof token offers privacy by using an escrow pool shield and erasing the history of transactions. It also claims to process transactions in under 60 seconds for a fraction of a penny in fees.

As for how it’s different from the popular privacy cryptocurrency Monero (XMR), McAfee said, Ghost offers the “ability to be exchanged on a true decentralized, distributed exchange – making it unable to ever be shut down by governments.”

This proof-of-stake network will be controlled by GHOST token holders and users while masternodes will help secure the network. These masternodes will also earn a share of transaction fees using staking.

These GHOST tokens will be airdropped to ESH token holders on May 25th. 25% of the token supply will go to ESH token holders while the remaining 75% is allocated towards proof of stake rewards. One can buy ESH tokens on Mercatox exchange, IDEX, and McAfee DEX.

McAfee’s decentralized token exchange, McAfee DEX was released last year in October and since then its web traffic has declined nearly 90%, as per Similar web.

Now, after six months, McAfee has launched its privacy coin. But some are accusing McAfee, who is running for President, of copying another such project called NIX. His Ghost launch tweet is actually filled with the NIX enthusiasts calling out, “NIX is the original Ghost.”

The platform itself said, “There is already a Ghost.” NIX offers privacy via its privacy protocol Ghost and a multi-layered interoperability platform for anonymity-focused decentralized applications (dApps), privacy swaps and smart contracts.

Published at Tue, 14 Apr 2020 19:05:53 +0000 John McAfee Launches PoS Privacy Coin, But Community Says It’s Not the Original ‘GHOST’

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