Opera Integrates Unstoppable Domains .Crypto Extension For Android Devices


Opera users can now have access to decentralized web sites after teaming up with Unstoppable Domains which is supported by renowned Bitcoin worshipper Tim Draper, CoinDesk reports.

The deal makes Opera the first main browser to integrate .Crypto extension domain. The deal will let Opera users to easily make crypto payments through surfing the decentralized sites.

The announcement also states that the owner stores the blockchain domains and not the registrar firms. Additionally, decentralized sites are kept on peer-to-peer networks instead of cloud services. This is a huge milestone as now people can conduct transactions with no need of middlemen. Storing on peer-to-peer networks also makes it possible to avoid censorship.

Unstoppable Domains explained that the new development will have an impact on the internet connections since, with time, distributed networks are known to be highly robust, has increased uptime and will minimize the risk of DDoS attack incidents.

According to Unstoppable Domains, although decentralized domains aid in avoiding censorship on the publication side, they are however unable to help viewers from countries and regions that face censorship, de-anonymization as well as surveillance issues.

According to Unstoppable Domains co-founder, Brad Kam, users facing censorship or surveillance challenges will have to utilize VPNs or related tools just like is the case with present day web. He went ahead to explain that decentralized sites only address the user’s capacity to publish and not the viewer’s issues.

The new partnership makes Opera the inaugural mainstream browser to integrate a domain which does not have a conventional domain name system. Opera has been on the forefront in coming up with features that support the blockchain and crypto industry. In October last year, the firm also allowed Bitcoin payments within the browser, the first one among major browsers.

In other related news, Unstoppable Domains also announced it had launched a blockchain-based browser that will ease the access to decentralized web. These decentralized websites from Unstoppable Domain are kept by the users in their wallets and the content safeguarded on an InterPlanetary File System as well as various decentralized storage networks.

Published at Mon, 30 Mar 2020 20:43:42 +0000 Opera Integrates Unstoppable Domains .Crypto Extension For Android Devices

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